Skate Lessons

RSA Roller Skating Achievement Program

RSA Roller Skating Achievement Tests, originally called the RSROA Proficiency Tests, were established in 1939 to provide incentives for skaters to increase their skating skills without the pressure of competition.  These tests offer skaters attainable goals. Winning a test award is something of which to be proud and encourages skaters to advance further in developing their roller skating skills.

There is a separate sequence of tests for each of the twelve skating categories: American Team Dance, American Solo Dance, International Team Dance, International Solo Dance, Circle Figures, Loop Figures, Freestyle Skating, In-Line Freestyle Skating, Roller Hockey, Quad Speed Skating, In-line Speed Skating, plus a beginners test called the Super Skater Test.  Each sequence includes beginner tests in which skaters earn Bronze lapel pins, traditionally referred to as “medals.”  These skaters may then advance to the intermediate tests, earning Silver lapel pins; then on to the advanced tests, earning Gold lapel pins.  After all the pins in a series have been earned, the skater may take a final test for the Gold Medal in the category.  The final Gold Medal in each category is an Olympic style medallion engraved with the winner’s name and year in which the test was passed.  The medals are finely crafted and strung on a ribbon which can be worn with pride by any skater.

Skate lessons resume in September 2022

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